The Council experts shall prepare: opinion about conclusions of the programmes, analytical studies, insights, research projects, reports, or other scientific works under consideration and evaluate the performance of science and higher education institutions or their individual activity areas. Experts may be asked to provide proposals or comments on the draft legislation or any other science policy and strategy documents submitted for the Council's approval.

First of all, you should register in the expert database. To create your expert profile, you need to fill in the following sections: personal and contact details, the area(s) and field(s) of competence, CV in a free form and a list of the most important publications (or works of art) within the past five years. Also you need to submit an application to be accepted as a candidate to the Council pool of experts. If you have completed your expert profile on the expert database and it is valid (as decided by the Council, it complies with the Council-approved minimum requirements laid out in the General Rules on the Appointment and Activities of Experts of the Research Council of Lithuania), you become a potential expert who can be invited to participate in the proposal evaluation or a project review session requiring your particular expertise. You can see your status on your expert profile. However, registration as an expert in the database does not guarantee automatic selection. The Council shall select experts according to their need of expertise. In the selection of experts, a potential conflict of interests shall also be taken into account.

Once you are selected, you will be contacted directly (by phone or e-mail) and informed about the nature of the task, the deadlines of its completion, and the approach. Experts shall be paid for the completed tasks. The individuals that have agreed to carry out expert tasks proposed by the Council shall be concluded a copyright agreement. Before they start, they shall have signed an Undertaking of an expert of the Research Council of Lithuania.

The experts of the Council who have performed one (or more) tasks during the last two years (starting with 2017), including the tasks that the expert began in 2016 and finished after 2017, at the beginning of odd-numbered years (starting with 2019), shall be disclosed on the website of the Research Council of Lithuania http://www.lmt.lt/en/about.html.

The experts who have assessed project applications for the EU Structural Funds-funded measures shall be disclosed not only in the order prescribed by the Council, but also in compliance with the legal acts laying out the rules and procedures of measure funding by the EU Structural Funds (upon the evaluation of applications and the adoption of decisions on the project funding). The experts will be made public on the site http://www.esinvesticijos.lt/en/.

Please find all General Rules on the Appointment and Activities of Experts of the Research Council of Lithuania here.

If you agree to collaborate with the Research Council of Lithuania in compliance with the above provided Rules, please press the “Agree” button.
If you do not agree, please press the “Disagree” button, in which case you will not be allowed to continue registration.